Easy Ways To Light Up Your Listings

Published on 01/19/2022

We’ve all heard it over and over again when it comes to night-time performances: “Don’t do that!”. This isn’t the thing you can control until you’re inclined to put a timed lockbox on your listings. With hectic lives and a fast-moving real estate market, believing that agents will not exhibit your listings when it turns to dusk may not be a matter of fact. Several shrewd buyers love and desire to examine a home and the surroundings at varying times of day – chiefly at nightfall. This might determine just driving by or pausing for a while. This can allow buyers to feel for the neighborhood activity, see traffic models in the area, and recognize possible problems or security issues. By keeping all this in mind, here, we provide you some tips to help get the best light for your properties to guarantee your homes show their best even after dark.

Easy Ways To Light Up Your Listings

Easy Ways To Light Up Your Listings

Filter In Natural Light

Dated window approaches such as drapes, valances, and curtains do not only hinder natural daylight but also chances to make your sellers’ home look outmoded. Allow as much daylight as possible into the room. Large shrubs can also obstruct light and any scenic views.

Swap Outdated Light Fixtures

Beautiful lighting that creates an aesthetic, sculptural statement is a booming inclination in home design. Popular accessories for pendants or chandeliers cover spiral chandeliers, geometric or ball-centered shapes, and gridded honeycomb structures. Many of these accessories are in brass and gold metals which make them a centerpiece of a room.

Layer In The Lights

Don’t depend entirely on hanging accessories to light up areas. Stagers usually will layer the light with two table lamps and maybe a floor lamp, based on the room dimension. Making use of lamps for up-lighting next to a wall can make a room appear bigger.

Use Softer Bulbs

Swap out high-intensity light bulbs for warm or soft white ones with a more moderate Kelvin rating. Try to put all the light bulbs at equal wattage. Consistency is the key to good lighting, mainly for getting photos of a staged home. Windows and bulbs are not just light sources at your disposal that contemplative objects like mirrors can also work. You can place the mirror in front of a window, across a fireplace, or near a lamp to reflect ambient light into the room and create a multiplication effect.

Light Up The Outside

From lanterns to spotlights, here are designs for outdoor lighting that can support making a home outstanding. By lighting the front door, the house will look more attractive, and there will be no trouble in reaching the house. Make sure walkways, stairs, and even garages and driveways are well lit. If necessary, you can add additional lighting in place of the lockbox to make it easier to get and operate. Don’t forget the yard. The yard is a huge selling point for many homes. Be sure to display it with great lighting. You may also want to think about the area of lighting to highlight desirable landscaping traits, outdoor seating areas, or other architectural elements like the gazebo.

Light Up The Outside

Light Up The Outside

Illuminate The Interior

Minor overall lighting can make a home seem dull or uninteresting. Make sure every room has sufficient heat, bright lighting to give it an eye-catching look. Show off the premium features of a home along with spotlighting. Are our kitchen countertops modernized? Think about adding under-cabinet brightness to highlight them. And other traits to consider for highlighting include-

  • An open bar or wine storehouse area
  • Architectural traits like alcoves and built-in show areas
  • High-end appliances

Lastly, don’t forget the more valuable parts of the home that buyers would like to see, like-

  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Laundry room