Prepare Your House For Winter: Some Tips

Published on 10/12/2020

No matter how premium or smart your home is, you will need to pay proper attention to it. If you are not aware of the things going on with your fixtures and other elements, it can really cause some serious damage over time. You need to stay vigilant and it becomes even more important to cross-check everything before the winter.Now, we will discuss some tips and tricks that you should follow before the winter to make sure that everything works fine. These tips will be focused on fixing the gaps or any cracks that your home might be having. If you are worried about the expense, these fixes will cost you not more than $150-250.

Prepare Your House For Winter Some Tips

Prepare Your House For Winter Some Tips

Examine The Thermostat

You can hire technical assistance to check all the heat pumps and the furnace to make sure that the heating system doesn’t start acting up as soon as you turn it on. The technician will charge you $60-80 to make sure that everything is in good condition. A typical heating system will last no less than 12-15 years if it’s operated under proper care.

Use The Fan’s Reverse Function

If you have installed a modern fan, there are high chances that it comes with a reverse function. You should turn it on to make sure that there is not a very heavy load on the thermostat. You should use this function when you turn on the thermostat, the reverse function will return the hot air into the room and you will find it quite effective in high-ceiling areas.

Put a Check On Icicles

When it’s snowing, there are very high chances that your house ends up having ice dams or icicles. These dams will start leaking water into your house and to prevent it, you are required to hire people to check and fix your attic. These water loggings will create a big risk for your home. A weather contractor will find the loopholes and fix the insulation problems that your attic might be having.

Put A Check On Icicles

Put A Check On Icicles

Check Roof Shingles

The water leaking issue might be due to one or more shingles getting damaged or loose. You can hire a professional to find the loose spots and fix them for you. If your house has a flat roof, fill it up with pine needles or/and fall leaves so that it can absorb all the moisture. You can also scatter the pebbles, they will act as a guard to the asphalt in your roof getting exposed to the sun.

Apply Some Caulk

You must have seen some openings or gaps being created in the frames of your windows and doors. These gaps can become harmful if their width is larger than a nickel. You can easily get them fixed by applying some caulk. If you are wondering which caulk to go for, silicon is the most suitable one as it will not shrink and will also not get affected by any element.

Drain Your Sprinklers

If you are not doing it before winter, you may end up finding the sprinklers all iced up. It will cause some serious damage and to avoid that, we recommend hiring a professional to drain it for you. Not only will it damage the pipes, but you will also end up damaging your sprinkler device, too.

These are some of the tips that will help you in keeping your house resistant from the winter weather. It will save you a huge chunk of money that you might end up spending in repairing in case any of the equipment gets damaged. Cross-checking it beforehand will save you from wasting a lot of bucks.