6 House Exterior Colors to Inspire You

Published on 01/12/2022

Our houses say a lot about us, so it’s essential to leave a lasting impression on people visiting. While the interiors are recognized as the home’s soul, the outside provides visitors the proper warmth and view, resulting in a positive first impression. Not only should the color be pleasing to people who visit your home, but it should also be pleasing to you. You are the person who stays the majority of the time in your house, which makes it even more essential to make it feel more inviting.
This is why we’ve compiled a list of 6 color schemes for your home’s exterior to get you started.

House Exterior Colors To Inspire You

House Exterior Colors To Inspire You


White color is known for its adaptability and appealing appearance on the house. White color is used in the majority of the places in the world as it easily blends in the neighborhood and appears soothing too. Using Peach with white is one of the best combos which give houses a classy look. The place looks more appealing than plain white, but pure white is what inspires you. It would help if you went for it.

Red And Cream

This might sound like a traditional color for many households, but having a cream exterior with red roofs makes your house look exotic and has an essential yet contemporary blend of colors. The combination appeals to all generations living in your home, which adds more to its benefits. The best add-on for this combination is red tiles and tinted wooden windows to match the perfect vibes of this color.

Orange and Gray

One should not hesitate to use dark shades to paint the exterior of their house as dark color when painted using the right shade; it can reflect an inspiring view for you. Although right orange would not suit the home yet a darker shade, probably a matt one with balanced use of gray creates an excellent first impression.

Yellow And White

By yellow here, we do not refer to bright yellow. Here we are talking about a combination of white with mustard yellow. Although yellow goes well with brown, white is preferable as it seems more appealing to the majority. With yellow on the walls, white on the borders, and marron red on the roof sounds a perfect combo, but individuals can change that according to their preferences.

Cream And Green

Although a light shade of green is a big no, the darker and matt shades are preferable for the combos. Individuals can choose to paint the walls with matt green and the borders with cream, which gives the house an appealing yet rare look on the outside.

Cream And Green

Cream And Green

Tan And Beige

Whether the design of your house is the traditional one or whether it belongs to the new generation houses, the color suits all of them. Not only does it look great, but it also works with a lot of combos such as white, gray, and black. It enhances the beauty of the houses with doors and windows painted in burgundy or classic wood stain color.

Bottom Line

We spend the majority of our lives in the house we live in, making it more appealing and inspiring is one of the most necessary things to do. Painting your house’s exterior according to what inspires you is required to make your home feel more appealing.

The final preference depends on what inspires the owner of the house. However, we have listed six colors primarily used in the homes and have a soothing effect worldwide on people from different backgrounds.