Cement Element Is So Trendy Now – This Is How You Can Implement It At Home

Published on 11/17/2020

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in style and home design – that which can be called the cement element. Before, cement was traditionally just used for basements, garages, and sidewalks. It had a more industrial and commercial purpose, far from being seen inside residential homes. All that has changed now though. What can also be called as the “cement trend” is something which can be commonly seen in Instagram and social media feeds. Besides serving as a sturdy home foundation, you can now see cement being used as flooring, walls, and even on shelves.

Cement Element Is So Trendy Now This Is How You Can Implement It At Home

Cement Element Is So Trendy Now This Is How You Can Implement It At Home


Different Types

Concrete isn’t just the plain gray matter which we always see in construction sites. It actually comes in different forms and styles. Polished concrete carries with it its characteristic sheen and modern look. Meanwhile, sealed concrete has more of a matte texture look to it, and often has a sealant that protects it against water damage and stains. Scored concrete is another type that has a grainy, textured finish and would give an otherwise flat surface more life due to the intriguing patterns found in it. You can consult designers and architects to find more about custom concrete options for homes, as there are so many you can choose from. Here are then some ideas about where and how you can use concrete in your house.

Kitchen Concrete

In most modern kitchen designs, concrete plays nicely alongside other design accents such as colored cabinetry, or with sleek lighting setups. Concrete can be seen as an island within the kitchen, or on the countertop. If you find that this isn’t enough for you, you can even go all in and splash concrete on the entire kitchen itself, with various colors and textures interspersed between different layers and panels. The gray of plain concrete would look great if matched up with bold hues in cabinetry or shelving.

Bold Bathroom

Concrete has been known for its strength, sturdiness, and its ability to add volume to a space. This would then be a good material to use for a bathroom sink, with light colors around it to create a soft, subtle palette for the bathroom counter. A concrete bathtub is another way you can use this material, which is sure to be a showstopper inside your bathroom. A concrete tub exudes a luxurious quality to it, providing any homeowner with a good soak while feeling the strength and thickness of the concrete material.


With your home’s floor being a limelight-hugging part of the entire house, creating it out of concrete would surely turn many heads of your visitors. Concrete flooring, with just the right amount of polish and sheen, gives an image of elegance and class. You could even say that it would make your house more professional and cleaner looking. However, it just doesn’t end there, as it could also fade into the background seamlessly, alongside bold patterns such as rugs, warm furniture, and indoor plants and fixtures.


Concrete flooring would be deemed daring by many, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd and create a statement, try and implement that concrete look on your walls! With the walls being made just from concrete, it gives you a tabula rasa in which you can implement many design choices and ideas. You can go for an industrial, modern look, or for an artsy, contemporary style. The furniture you would pair with a concrete wall, as well as the colors you introduce inside your house, would pop out much brighter when cast alongside the grayness of the cement.