Best Solutions For Studio Apartments Divisions/Partitions

Published on 11/17/2020

Living within the hustle and bustle of a vibrant metropolitan area can be fun and exciting, but may also have its drawbacks. For example, it is pretty common to be renting an apartment rather than live in a house. Studio apartments are notoriously famous for being quite small in terms of its floor area, but when you live in the city, a studio apartment is a pretty common accommodation for city dwellers. How do you turn your apartment into multiple rooms when in reality you truly have just one? Here are some tips to help you:

Best Solutions For Studio Apartments Divisions Partitions

Best Solutions For Studio Apartments Divisions Partitions


Imagine Your Floor Plan First

Before you even go out and buy partitions, imagine what your floor plan is first. Decide which corner will turn into your bedroom, which area will be your living room, and so on. Also, imagine in terms of “doors” — this will help you visualize where the partition should be. By creating a floor plan, you now have a clearer vision of what your apartment should look like.

Bookshelves Can Double Up as Walls

You don’t have to have to physically have a wall built to divide spaces in your studio apartment. Bookshelves work wonders in being functional and decorative. Opt for bookshelves that are open on both ends so you can easily reach for items from either side. The bookshelf doesn’t have to be tall, but getting one that almost touches your ceiling helps create the illusion of having a wall.

Bookshelves Can Double Up As Walls

Bookshelves Can Double Up As Walls


When you live in a small space like a studio apartment, you want to make use of every inch. If you are struggling to make your sleeping quarters more private, use curtains. When you need a bit of “me” time, draw the curtains. When you’re ready to face the world, simply pull them back. Installing it is also very easy.

Color Coordination

Create the illusion of room division by color coordinating each area in your studio apartment. This is especially helpful when you don’t have the extra space for a partition or you can’t afford to have one placed in your home. You don’t have to go wild with the color choices — although that’s your decision to make — but as long as everything comes together nicely as a whole, then don’t be afraid to experiment with tones and shades.

Lighting: Pendant Lamps

Hang pendant lamps instead of buying floor lamps to save on precious space. There’s another reason why pendant lamps work: they can also act as a partition. Placing two to three to divide the kitchen from the living area can help make your apartment feel like there are multiple areas instead of just one.

Bar Carts

Investing in a functional bar cart will help create a space dedicated to your kitchen. It may act as a counter; its shelves can be where you place your pots and pans. Because it has wheels, it can easily be moved around your home. Check out vintage bar carts for a unique decorative piece.

Floating Closets

Most studio apartments don’t come with closets. So where do you keep all your clothes? Creating a floating closet doesn’t take up any of your floor space plus it’s a cool way to divide your apartment.

Place Your Couch By the Foot of the Bed

When space is of great importance, there’s no easier way to divide your home than to simply place a couch by the foot of your bed. While the division might not be obvious to the naked eye, the fact that you are facing away from your bed is already creating psychological division.