Storage Solution – Use it Wisely and Add in Places You Haven’t Thought About

Published on 07/01/2020

No matter the size of your home, storage can be an issue. How do you maximize or make use of your space? Believe it or not there are many places around your house that can double up as a storage area. It’s all a matter of knowing what these places are and what you plan to keep or store in them.

Storage Solution Use It Wisely And Add In Places You Havent Thought About

Storage Solution Use It Wisely And Add In Places You Havent Thought About

Declutter First

Before you decide on what to store, do some home decluttering first. For example, go through your closet and decide which clothes to keep and let go. If you still haven’t worn the item in the last six months to a year; if it doesn’t fit you any longer; or if the style doesn’t match what you want anymore, then it is time to let it go. Go through books and other items around your home as well. It might be the time to let go of some items that have already served their purpose. Donate all of them to a local charity, or give it to a family member that might need it.

Time to Organize

Now that you have less stuff to store, it will be easier for you to begin storing them in places around your home in a creative way! Organize your items first according to how much you may need them in the future. For example, things that you may want to use in the near future should be kept in a place that easily can be accessed. For seasonal items like decorations or large items you don’t always use like a leaf blower, keep them somewhere like the attic or garage.

Time To Organize

Time To Organize

Extra Bedroom Storage

When you need to keep something in your bedroom, consider doing so under your bed! Your bed, especially if it is a four-poster one, will have a lot of space underneath it where you can keep seasonal clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings. If you have a stand-alone closet, you may also place items on top of it such as comforters, blankets, or even towels.


Believe it or not, you can use your bathroom as a storage area. Make use of the bathroom to keep things like towels, bathrobes, and other toiletries in it so that everything you may need while using it is all there. Invest in chic, sturdy storage bins for you to keep cotton buds and other small items in.

The Kitchen

The kitchen’s countertops are useful places to place appliances you always use, such a coffee grinder and a coffee maker. For other items, store them in the cabinets. You should keep a monthly schedule of checking food items in your pantry so you can get rid of those that might already be expired. Buy see-through containers so you can transfer pasta, grains, and other such items in it. Because it is clear, you can easily see which ones you need. Have a rotating rack by your oven where you can place seasonings, herbs, and spices. This will save up space.

Be Creative

Be creative about where you can place items without compromising your home’s aesthetic value. No matter where in your home, it helps to think that storing items in a vertical manner will help save space. Make use of bare walls by placing hooks where anyone can hang their jackets or bags. Have a customized shoe rack built that fits perfectly in that bare entryway closet. Check for areas like under the sofa for things like a vacuum cleaner. Corner racks are also helpful decorative additions to your home that will help with storage and organization.