How To “Save” And Use Space At a Small Apartment

Published on 07/01/2020

Small apartments can easily turn into functional living spaces if you know how to make use of the limited floor area. There are a lot of tricks to make your home look bigger than it seems, and to properly make use of the apartment.

How To Save And Use Space At A Small Apartment

How To Save And Use Space At A Small Apartment


Paint Walls a Light Color

Light colors like cream, ecru, and white have the power to make everything look wider. By painting your walls a light color, you are making the room look even bigger. Take advantage of this trick even more by placing a big mirror on a wall to create the illusion of a larger space.

Don’t Cut Corners

Most often than not, corners are left unnoticed in most homes, regardless of size. Take advantage of corners and buy furniture that fit right into them, such as a desk or a dining table for two. Place shelves in corners as well and treat it as a reader’s nook or a workspace.

Magnetic Strips

Because apartments tend to be small in size, there isn’t enough space for storage. For small items like toothbrushes, go creative with some magnetic strips. Place them on the wall so you have more space to use for other important items.

Furniture Placements

Where you place your furniture matters a great deal when you have a small apartment. By placing them in such a way that maximizes the space and even helps make divisions within your home, then you have a winning living area! For example, station a couch or sofa by the foot of your bed. This creates an imaginary line that you have your sleeping quarters (your bed) and you have a separate living room (where your couch or sofa is facing).

Furniture Placements

Furniture Placements

Use a Shelf as a Desk

When you’re really pressed for space, then you can use a creatively placed shelf as a desk! Have it installed by the foot of the bed so you can easily have access to it.

Raise Your Bed

Another creative way to add space is to make your bed higher. You can buy bed risers at your local home improvement store. Beneath your bed is added storage for seasonal items like winter clothing and such.

Consider a Murphy Bed

Speaking of beds, consider having a Murphy bed installed. A Murphy bed is an innovative way to create space when you need it the most. The bed can be pushed back up to the wall when it is not in use. When you’re in need of some slumber, just pull it back down and crawl into it.

Walls are Spaces

What we tend to forget is that walls also double as spaces. We just need to be creative! Place hooks inside a small closet so you can hang bags instead of them lying on the floor. If you have a guitar, hang it on the wall instead of it standing on the floor. If you have a bike and don’t have a garage to keep it in, hang it by the foyer.

Buy Furniture that have Storage and Wheels

There are many pieces out in the market today that are double duty. A coffee table may open up and have some storage, or a bar cart with wheels can easily be moved to make a kitchen look bigger or smaller. Ottoman chairs may act as a footstool and storage as well. There are beds with built-in drawers where you can keep clothing or small appliances in them. With so many choices out there, you can easily make a small apartment into a space-saving haven in no time!