12 Design Tips To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Published on 04/28/2020

Even though your bathroom is likely one of the smaller areas of your home, so much goes into renovating this room. Therefore, there is so much to consider before starting the project to ensure your renovation is as smooth as possible. It would be quite costly to neglect to determine certain details that could result in burst pipes and incorrect placement of tiling. So, Before you start ripping out fixtures and fitting and picking out tiling, you should consider the following.

12 Design Tips To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

12 Design Tips To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom


Create A Realistic Budget

Before you can start any home improvement project, you should know exactly what it will cost, and the bathroom is definitely no exception. You will need to craft a budget that is exceptionally realistic, which means you should calculate the square meterage of the room according to the specific size tiles you are after. You will also need to accommodate labor and potential challenges along the way

Design A Charming Bathroom According To First Impressions

The toilet should not be the first thing you see when you open the door, and therefore, you should consider how you will be placing fixtures before you start. It would be best to place your bathroom vanity and sink in plain sight to ensure first impressions are optimal.

Vintage Finishes Are In

Even if you are hoping to create a modern simplistic bathroom, you should consider leaving any vintage finishes in place as these are currently a trendy bathroom design that has stood the test of time. Leaving vintage finishes may also allow you to stretch your budget a lot more.

Craft A Lighting Plan

Bathrooms should have adequate lighting, as with kitchens. Although, there may be times when dimmer lighting would help set the tone. Therefore, you should craft a lighting plan that covers all aspects of lighting your bathroom according to size and preference. Perhaps adjustable lighting would be the perfect solution for those who can’t settle on a specific level of lighting.

Craft A Lighting Plan

Craft A Lighting Plan

Grasp Bathroom Dimensions

When it comes to replacing fittings and fixtures, you will need to know the dimensions of your bathroom to ensure your purchases are relevant. Therefore, the size of the average bathtub, space required for a toilet, and other dimensions should be established and compared to the size of your bathroom when planning the design.

Sink Height

Your sink should be an appropriate height and strangely enough, assuming it will not help you create the perfect bathroom. The typical countertop should be between 32 and 34 inches from the floor.

Save Space Where Possible

You could consider a corner sink or even a smaller tub to save space. Saving floor space will enhance the modern vibrance of your design and prevent your efforts from seeming cluttered and overpowering.

The Vanity Sets The Theme

The vanity you choose will have a massive impact on the theme and appearance of your bathroom, therefore, you should design around your chosen vanity rather than attempting to find one later on.

High-End Touches

You should select a few finishing touches that are a bit more costly than most, this will enhance the general luxury of your bathroom design.

Don’t Focus On Decor

Bathrooms don’t often require decor items to tie the design together. This is because the tilling choices, vanity, and fitting and fixture design should be enough. Therefore, you should avoid focusing on decor choices while planning your design.

Double Check Your Chosen Tile Size

Tile sizes can vary drastically, so you should double-check your choices before installation as even the smallest size difference can be an extremely costly mistake.

Bathtub/Shower Combo

If your bathroom is significantly small, it would be wise to consider crafting a bathtub/shower combo. There are several designs that will compliment most themes, which means you shouldn’t have to compromise when opting for this innovative solution.