10 Most Important Questions To Ask An Architect

Published on 04/28/2020

Once you have selected your architect to conduct your home renovations, you may assume that you are ready to commence the exciting project, although, you will still need to communicate with your architect and ask certain important questions. You will want the project to be as efficient as possible, and therefore, you should ask your architect the following most important questions before proceeding with the project.

10 Most Important Questions To Ask An Architect

10 Most Important Questions To Ask An Architect


Do You Have Any Reliable References?

References should be requested before confirming any service, although, it is particularly important to request reliable references when it comes to settling on a candidate architect as this professional will be renovating your investment. It is also recommended by the AIA to request this information as it will help you determine whether or not you are making the right decision.

How Long Will The Project Take?

You will need to have a rough estimate as to how long the project will take as this will also help you determine at what point things have fallen off schedule as well. Working with your architect will also help prevent issues should the project fall off schedule as you will both be aware of any issues along the way.

How Can I Be Of Assistance?

Most clients prefer having the option to communicate decisions while the project is being carried out and this is because things can change along the way. However, you should specify what type of client you are, how much input you would like, and be sure the architect is well-aware of your ongoing part in the renovations. Being apart of the renovations and having an input is crucial.

How Can I Be Of Assistance

How Can I Be Of Assistance

What Will It Cost According To Fee Structure?

As with and industry expert that works from fee structures, all architects will not give you the same quote and while opting for a high price may not be the best solution, it would also be a mistake to settle on an architect boasting a questionably low fee structure. Therefore, you can deduct a lot from knowing the fee structure and quote estimations before starting the project.

What Challenges Can Be Expected?

You should ask this question to understand the bigger picture of the renovations. Perhaps there may be plumbing issues or electrical concerns that will pose an exceptional challenge for the architect. Rather than assume the architect is able to foresee any issues along the way, you should allow room for challenges that are not anticipated as well.

Will There Be Models, Drawings, Or Computer Animations?

Before the project starts, the architect will need to show you some form of plans that will help you get the best idea of how the project will turn out. This is key in terms of understanding what the process will consist of and what the ultimate results should be.

Do You Have Insurance?

Architects should have insurance in case things don’t exactly pan out the way they should, however, not all architects are insured, which is why you should confirm this detail before starting the project

Will You Communicate With The Contractor?

As most details will be handed over to the contractor once the project starts, you should confirm that the architect will be working closely with the contract for the duration of the project.

Who Will Be Working On The Project?

Your architect may not be the only professional at the firm with input on your project, which is why you should establish who exactly will be on your team for the renovation.

Can We Reduce Environmental Impacts?

We should all be more conscious of the environment and construction often hinders our progress when it comes to protecting the planet. Therefore, you should consider establishing if there are ways that the architect can reduce the environmental impacts of the project before getting started.